The plan


The Caixabank Associated Collective Plan is an associated defined contribution pension plan.

It is integrated into the Pensión Caixa 2, Pension Fund and is exclusively for participants and beneficiaries of the CaixaBank Employment Pension Plan. In addition, unlike the Employment Pension Plan, in which contributions are made exclusively by the company, the Associated Collective Plan receives voluntary contributions from the employees.

The Pension Fund, where the contributions and their returns are accumulated, has unbeatable economic conditions compared to an Individual Pension Plan due to its reduced management and deposit fees.

In addition, voluntary contributions to this Plan can be made at any time, either on a one-off or regular basis, and are an effective way of supplementing future Employment and Social Security benefits.

It is currently the leading Associated Plan in Spain in terms of assets. It is managed by VidaCaixa, under the supervision of a Board of Trustees made up of 9 members appointed by agreement of the majority of CaixaBank’s labour representatives.